Ask Gracie

Ask Gracie

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rescues Taking Over

Dear Gracie,

My house is filled with rescues.  There is a rescue cat, three rescue dogs, and even a rescue bird named Ivan.  With all these rescues living in my house and taking privy to my spaces I am wondering who in this world will rescue me!  I am a cat, BTW.  And this is and has always been my house.  I can find no place at all to be alone anymore.   Any suggestions?

Disgusted Feline

Dear Disgusted Feline,

Seriously!!?  I have been begging the peeps (for what seems like forever) to bring me home a rescue or two.  But it's a no go.  Do you have any idea how lucky you are!?  Listen dude (or dudette) you should thank your lucky catnip that you don't live the boring, sad, lonely, sleepy life of an only fur-friend.  I'm not trying to drum up pity but hey, go ahead and feel sorry for me if it floats your boat. ...  but the thing is, my pack consists of three (two of which consider themselves to be peeeples and don't even acknowledge that they are by default a part of my pack).  So put on your party hat and break out the Friskies tuna delite, my friend.  Drop the attitude and enjoy the company.  **shakes head**

Your friend,