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Ask Gracie

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Do Cats have Superiority Complex?

Dear Gracie,

I just got my ears "boxed" by my Auntie Kim's cat "Mr. Tom" ... who does he think he is anyway?  Gracie, do cats have superiority complex or what??

Lily The Pointer

Dear Lily, 

Have you ever seen a cat kitteh give up their place on the couch to a dog?  Do cats kitteh's welcome their people by jumping on them, licking their faces, and crying because of missing them so much when they return home?  Or do they instead hiss at the dog whenever he/she even looks like he/she might want to curl up on the very end of the same couch said cat kitteh is sitting on? Kitteh's tend to give their humans a glare upon their return home as if to say, "back so soon?" then they slink into a hole somewhere to be left alone.  So, dear Lily, to answer your question, I'm afraid Mr. Tom thinks he is Alpha cat and kitteh's having a superiority complex is putting it lightly.  It sounds to me like Mr. Tom needs to be taught a lesson.  A clean cat is a happy cat.  Try the delicates cycle first.  If that doesn't work, go for the heavy duty.
Good Luck to you, and whatever you do, never reprimand the cat in front of humans.  Never.

Kindest Regards,


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Mr. Pip said...

I think you are right on the on the money, Gracie! Here's a question for you ...How do I get my assistant to let me blog more often? She claims to be too busy ...but I don't believe her.

Ruby (and Angel Pip)