Ask Gracie

Ask Gracie

Friday, February 1, 2013

Kitteh's Belong In Their Place

Dear Gracie,

I have heards from udders dat da cats rule and doggie's drool.  Any trufe to dat?  My bro Siamese Sammy tinks it be true.  I tink it garbage.  What be your take on dis o wise one?  - perturbed poodle

Dear perturbed,

My dear friend, you have been misinformed, no doubt.  Kitteh's are nice and I'll admit that I wouldn't mind having one of my own BUT they have their place.  They belong in litter boxes/on counter tops/under chairs/outside/in cardboard boxes with a hole cut into the side so they can breath/in washing machines.
They in no way belong on the humans bed, in their laps, or at the dinner table anywhere near steak/hamburger/ or chickie bird.  In short, my dear perturbed friend... DOGS RULE, KITTEH'S DROOL.  Did this help? 

Kindest Regards,