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Ask Gracie

Friday, February 1, 2013

Kitteh's Belong In Their Place

Dear Gracie,

I have heards from udders dat da cats rule and doggie's drool.  Any trufe to dat?  My bro Siamese Sammy tinks it be true.  I tink it garbage.  What be your take on dis o wise one?  - perturbed poodle

Dear perturbed,

My dear friend, you have been misinformed, no doubt.  Kitteh's are nice and I'll admit that I wouldn't mind having one of my own BUT they have their place.  They belong in litter boxes/on counter tops/under chairs/outside/in cardboard boxes with a hole cut into the side so they can breath/in washing machines.
They in no way belong on the humans bed, in their laps, or at the dinner table anywhere near steak/hamburger/ or chickie bird.  In short, my dear perturbed friend... DOGS RULE, KITTEH'S DROOL.  Did this help? 

Kindest Regards,



Casey said...

My kittehs are allowed on the couch, but only on the top ledge. That lets them purr at Momma while not interrupting my lap space!

Jenni said...

Ha ha! I love this! especially the part about the "washing machine" since I just got my ears "boxed" by my Auntie Kim's cat "Mr. Tom".... who does he think he is anyway??

Gracie, do cats have a surperiority complex or what??

Lily the pointer

Inger said...

Ahh, Gracie, I'm not so sure about this. But who's to argue with your wisdom, sweet one.

Samson Says: What's a kitteh? XOXOXO, your Samson

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!!

Munir said...

My neighbor saw a baby ( I mean teenie baby) kitten crawl up in my car's engine and we got her out. She is now adopted by an other neighbor.
My question is why would a cat abandon her kitten?

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